October 2007 – Product of the Month

GMP Sampling with Close’n’Seal Labels

In today’s quality controlled manufacturing environment, the ability to safely and hygienically take samples from sealed bags is essential. But once the sealed bags integrity has been compromised by piercing with the sample lance, it is crucial that the sample point be effectively sealed and identified with a cross reference to the sample.

Sampling specialist [Hisen Equipment Pty Ltd](), now has available a unique Close ‘n’ Seal label, specifically designed for GMP sampling and quality control.

The labels, which are available in a variety of sizes and colours, are ultra adhesive so they will not peel once in place. Being made from aluminium, they are completely safe, forming a vapour barrier and will seal on dirty, moist or uneven surfaces.

The surface of the label can be written on with any standard ballpoint pen, allowing ease of reference for the sample and compliance with most quality control and GMP requirements.

With many years experience in their specialist field of product sampling, Hisen Equipment can provide advice on and supply the most suitable sampling methods for all GMP applications, including sampling lances for taking samples from sealed bags.

For more information or to discuss your own specific sampling requirements, contact Ron Purvis at Hisen Equipment on 03 9585 1822

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