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OLI VIBRATORS PTY LTD – Many dry raw materials will show perfect mass flow when a certain amount of air is added at regular intervals during discharging of a bin or silo. Now, OLI Australia offers a diverse range of products for Fluidisation, Aeration and Vibration across many applications in the Powder and Bulk Materials handling Industry.

With the OLI I100 Aeration Pad, air-enriched material gains the desired flowability, while at the same time, possible tendencies of the product to bridge, rat-hole, go lumpy or deposit are prevented. Due to the semi-convex shape of the durable polymer I100 Aeration Pads, air is given off at a wide emission angle across the entire white surface and with an operating pressure of only 0.2 bar (2.9 PSI), this action is also very gentle.

In a single row installation, OLI I100 Aeration Pads are widely used for materials like cement. More sophisticated applications with alternately fed multiple rows, are used for hydrated lime in storage and dosing plants, where fluidisation is used not only required during discharging of the silo, but also to keep the material in motion during longer storage periods.

OLI I100 Aeration Pads are fitted on bins or silos from outside. This makes them particularly suitable for retrofitting or in cases where the inside of a bin or silo cannot be accessed.

In applications where the addition of vibration is also necessary, the OLI type VB, VBE, VBI and VBM Vibrating Bin Aerators, combine product aeration with an additional slight vibration on the silo wall. Due to its design, damage of the silo is prevented even with abrasive materials.

OLI Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow with powders and granular materials and, thanks to FDA approval, the Vibrating Bin Aerators are suitable for food-grade applications. To meet the most demanding user requirements a stainless steel shaft version (VBI) is available.

OLI Vibrating Bin Aerators operate by the introduction of compressed air into the stored material through the silicon lip which

adheres to the inside silo wall. By varying the air pressure within a range between 2 and 6 bar (29 to 87 PSI), the intensity of vibration of the elastic silicon lip can be changed.

OLI Vibrating Bin Aerators have a sturdy design, are self-cleaning, abrasion-resistant and easy to install and with the units intermittent operation and a maximum operating time of five seconds, air consumption is very low.

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