On Farm Grain Storage for the Future

Allied Grain Systems has developed a revolutionary company structure to forge ahead with offering what they consider to be the most technologically advanced & modern grain storage silos available to the Australian farmer to date.

Allied Grain Systems has used their more than 20 years experience in the engineering and construction industry coupled with over 15 years experience in the grain storage and handling industry to offer a large and comprehensive range of on farm silos that are specifically designed to suit Australian conditions and the Australian farmer.

Having a solid background in commercial construction and engineering, including completion of large commercial grain storage facilities, Allied Grain Systems has developed their on farm silo range in the same professional manner as they would have develop a commercial project. All silos offered are stringently designed and checked to comply with all current and relevant Australian Standards and in all cases exceed these standards. Allied Grain Systems philosophy when approaching on farm storage was to take as many features from there commercial experience and apply to the on farm storage range.

Allied Grain Systems has a unique Australian first alliance with MFS Silos from Nebraska in America. MFS Silos are one of the three biggest silo manufacturers in the world today and they supply Allied Grain Systems with all their silos into Allied Grain Systems new warehouse in Young NSW. The silos supplied by MFS are to Allied Grain Systems design to meet Australian standards that are slightly different to US standards. Allied Grain Systems do not just take a standard of the shelf type silo from an outside manufacturer, they take great care in selecting and sourcing the best equipment designed specifically to suit Australian conditions that can be cost effectively mass produced in the larger MFS manufacturing facility in the US and combining this with a lot of accessories and parts designed and made in Australia come up with a very cost effective package that is tailor made for Australian conditions.

Allied Grain Systems standard silos have unique out loading capabilities with most standard silos offering a minimum of over 120 tph out loading capacity to accommodate the quicker turn around in loading trucks on farm that is a requirement today. These out load systems can be driven by standard electric motors or have hydraulic/PTO adaptors fitted should electrical power not be available.

Allied Grain System silos can be fitted with various aeration systems in all models starting with basic aeration to keep grain in good condition while in storage right up to full floor aeration systems with large fans that can dry grain down while being stored in the silo which gives the grower the opportunity to start harvest slightly earlier than would normally be possible.

Allied Grain Systems provide an engineering service to the farmer and will come to site, talk to the Farmer, and measure up existing storage and help with design plans for new and future storage that take into consideration traffic movements, potential for handling systems to be added, segregation needs and future silos that may be required further down the track.

Allied Grain Systems has also been involved with the Australian Grain Research & Development Corporation with the design of there sealed silo range which can also offer a unique fumigation recirculation system and are in the process of furthering this development with Australian Grains & Research Corporation to help in assisting in better fumigation methodology for stored grain in silos along with reducing resistance in pests to chemicals.

Allied Grain Systems is dedicated to offering the best silos available on the Australian market today with options and designs to help tailor each silo to suit every farmer specifically. The team at Allied Grain Systems will talk through your storage requirements to help come up with the best storage solution for you. The farm silo range offered is from 240 T up to 2000 T with larger commercial options supplied upon request up to 15,000 T.

Allied Grain Systems recently won awards for marketing and sales from their USA supplier, Global Industries Inc and will continue to offer professional and prompt service to all their Australian clients.

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