Onboard Loader Scales Weighing Logs Being Received In VIC

Onboard Loader Scales are being used for confirming tonnage of logs being received into the client’s plant in Brooklyn, Victoria. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch, the Onboard Loader Scales were fitted to a Volvo front end Loader.

Accuweigh’s 8000i Onboard Loader Scales have an internal database for tracking the total weight of product received by individual loads, but can also track weights for multiple deliveries over different days. At the end of each shift, all weight records from the Onboard Loader Scales can be downloaded to a PC. As well as weighing in static mode requiring the operator to pause momentarily while the logs are being raised, Accuweigh’s 8000i Onboard Loader Scales also have the ability to weigh dynamically while the jaws holding the logs are being raised. As well as for receiving incoming logs, the Onboard Loader Scales are also used for weighing logs as they are being loaded into containers for shipping. The 800i Onboard Loader Scales are a highly accurate on-board weighing system that can be installed on all types of Loaders. Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has extensive industry experience with all forms on onboard weighing systems. With eight branches across mainland states providing complete after sales support, Accuweigh is the ideal supplier choice for all scales and weighing equipment.

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