Onboard Truck Scales Fitted to Council Tip Truck

Onboard Truck Scales were recently fitted to a tipper truck used for delivering road base and other materials to council work sites. The Onboard Truck Scales were fitted to a Work’s Dept. owned by the City Of Canning Council in Western Australia.

Onboard Truck Scales are almost a mandatory accessory for trucks since the passing of Chain Of Responsibility legislation that means anyone even remotely involved with a truck found to be overloaded could be prosecuted. This legislation casts a wide net which could involve not only the truck driver, but also the owner of the truck, the person and/or company who loaded/despatched the truck and even the person/company receiving the goods.

The Onboard Truck Scales were installed onto a Hino FM500 tipper truck by P&G Bodybuilders in Spearwood, Western Australia. Accuweigh’s Perth branch programmed and calibrated the Onboard Truck Scales using certified test masses to ensure accurate calibration was achieved.

Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian distributor for the PM Onboard range of Onboard Truck Scales that are manufactured in the United Kingdom and sold world-wide. PM Onboard manufactures a wide range of Onboard Truck Scales to cater for all vehicle weighing applications.

For the City of Canning, the Onboard Truck Scales fitted included two heavy duty load cells mounted under the rear swivel hinges and another two load cells mounted under the hydraulic ram that lifts the tipper tray. All load cells are connected to a digital weight indicator mounted in the truck’s cab that provides both visual and audible warnings to alert the driver when the truck is overloaded.

PM’s BulkWeigh Onboard Truck Scales can be fitted to various truck and trailer combinations and allows trailers to be swapped with the system readily identifying the new trailer and applying the new calibrations automatically.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has eight branches across all mainland states providing after sales support.

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