Online Moisture Analyser Easy to Commission, Calibrate and Service

Callidan Instruments, the manufacturer of MoistScan®, has recently added remote access functionality to its range of online microwavemoisture analysers.

The MoistScan® is now equipped with internet-based wireless connectivity making remote calibration and service easy and cost effective. A MoistScan® engineer can now connect to the anlayser via a VPN (virtual private network) at any time from anywhere in the world.

MoistScan® Engineer, Anthony Kelly said that real time remote access enables us to check the operation and performance of the MoistScan® and in particular verify the calibration without having to attend site or having the customer send us data. We can log into the instrument using a normal web browser and look at the HMI as if we were in front of the instrument. We can download historical data for analysis to check the accuracy of the calibration. If need be we can change settings to improve the calibration. Mr Kelly said that the MoistScan® now also has the capability to send an alert via SMS message or email if there is a problem or if the moisture strays outside of set tolerances.

As with all online instrumentation, the accuracy of the MoistScan® depends on the quality of the calibration. Often when we commission and calibrate a gauge on site, we do not experience the full scope of normal operating conditions, particularly the full range of moisture, the typical variation in loading on the belt, and the entire product range. Ideally you want to calibrate the MoistScan® over the entire scope of operating conditions. With the onboard data logging and
remote access capability of the MoistScan® we now can build the calibration over several weeks, improving it as we collect more data.

Mr Kelly said that Callidan Instruments now offers a remote service plan. Here we periodically log onto the instrument, download data, check the calibration and make adjustments if required. This takes all the hassle away from the customer and gives them peace of mind that the analyser is correctly reporting moisture.

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