PAC Releases Extended Pressure Range Option for VISCOlab PVT

For oil, gas, and supercritical fluids, the VISCOlab PVT delivers accurate, fast, and reliable viscosity measurements. In high-pressure environments, correctly analysing precious samples is as challenging as it is critical. The VISCOlab PVT is the gold standard for high pressure viscosity analysis. This high pressure viscometer operates at pressures up to 1,378 bar (up to 2,067 bar with a special option), and controls temperatures from -5 to 185C with minimal warm-up time.

Safe and cost-effective to own and operate, the VISCOlab PVT is mercury-free and requires only 6 ml of sample. It also provides statistical certainty that ensures sample conditions are stable, accurate, and repeatable. It measures gas and gas condensates in addition to fluid samples. The VISCOlab PVTs extraordinary capabilities make it an ideal choice for the most critical and challenging applications.

This high pressure viscometer combines a VISCOpro processor with either a Cambridge Viscosity 440 or 443 sensor. The 440 sensor provides continuous operation up to 1,378 bar while the 443 sensor is designed to operate up to 2,067 bar. The system employs an integrated re-circulating bath for tight temperature control.

High quality viscosity data is critical for key reservoir characteristics such as hydrocarbon volume, production/ injection rates, and recovery potential. This information allows operations to know what it will take to get the crude out of the well and the quality of the oil find.

Offshore operations need the new VISCOlab PVT option for deepwater wells, especially in the Gulf of Mexico where new wells are being dug at 7,620 – 10,668 metres depths and have pressures in the range of 1,378 – 2,067 bar. The VISCOlab PVT with 2,067 bar option utilizes an embedded SPL443 sensor to provide accurate viscosity measurements for gas and crude oil at high pressures. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Requires small sample size – 6ml of sample per measurement
  • Extremely easy to use – sample handling occurs direct from the pressure vessel or via pressure generator
  • Fast Analysis – Run time in under 4 hours

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