Pallet Scales Protected from Accidental Forklift Damage

Pallet Scales were recently supplied with a perimeter frame to provide protection from accidental forklift damage in food processing facility in Victoria. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch, the heavy gauge steel protective frame stops forklifts from bumping into the Pallet Scales.

Pallet Scales can be susceptible to load cell damage by the simple action of a forklift bumping into the scale while loading and unloading heavy pallets. This is due to the torsional forces being impacted directly onto the load cells causing deformation of the load cell body.

In many instances, the Pallet Scales are rendered in-operatable until the faulty load cell(s) are replaced which can also require costly re-certification for scales used for trade weighing purposes. Accuweigh’s perimeter frame eliminates this type of load cell damage by providing a protective barrier between the forklift and the Pallet Scales.

A robust steel post can be attached to the perimeter frame to support the required digital weight indicator which generates and displays the Pallet Scale’s weight readings.

Accuweigh has a wide range of Pallet Scales to cater for all pallet weighing applications and can also custom manufacture to suit specific client requirements. Eight branches across mainland states provide Superior Product & Superior Support on all scales and weighing equipment.

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