Pallet Wrapper on Load Cells Streamlines Operations

Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch recently fitted load cells and a digital weight indicator to a pallet wrapper for Contract Packaging Systems in Thomastown.

The “weighing” pallet wrapper saves considerable time and effort by eliminating the need for the wrapped palled to be transported to a set of platform scales for a separate weighing operation. The weight of the loaded pallet is clearly displayed by the digital weight indicator attached to the mast of the pallet wrapper.

As most pallet wrappers have a substantial base, the task of fitting load cells is usually not too difficult and the pallet wrapper conversion only requires custom mounting brackets for the load cells to be attached. The Salter Prodec load cells used are ideal for this application as they are extremely resilient to damage by rotational forces which can occur in pallet wrapping operations.

The Rinstrum 2100 digital weight indicator has a large 27mm LCD display with bright backlighting to ensure high visibility in all lighting conditions. Optional printers are available for printing weight tickets or for product reporting purposes including logging of all throughputs.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing sales and service support for all weighing and packaging equipment.

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