Palletizing System Stacking Cartons & Drums

A Palletizing System was recently commissioned for alternately stacking drums and bag-in-box cartons for a NSW supplier of vegetable oils. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Budpak branch in Newcastle, the Fuji-Ace Palletizing System is fitted with a special gripper capable of handling both bag-in-box cartons and drums without changing tools.

Two pick-up conveyors feed the Palletizing System; one each for delivering filled drums or filled cartons to the two individual pick up points. The palletizer automatically alters the special gripper to pick up either a drum or a carton, depending on which type of container arrives at the pickup points first. The Palletizing System also automatically inserts slip sheets between layers of product as required.

Up to five empty pallets are positioned on either side of the palletizer which automatically stacks the containers onto the appropriate pallet. After fully loading a pallet, the Palletizer only stacks the alternate container type until the completed pallet is removed and replaced with an empty pallet. The robotic palletizer then automatically resumes simultaneous palletising of both container types.

The Fuji-Ace EC-201 Palletizing System has a control panel incorporating a multi-function user-friendly touch screen display, hand held ‘teaching box’ for ease of programming, energy conserving servo motors, and heavy duty support base.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest weigh packaging company with branches in all mainland states. Budpak has hundreds of bagging, filling, stretch wrapping and palletizer systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

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