Panametrics OxyTrak 390 Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser

The OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyser utilizes the ex situ connection loop design, and it is an accurate, low-cost analyser that stays on the job for extended periods with minimal maintenance. Using the information the analyser provides, you can adjust your burner air supply for maximum combustion efficiency. The optional combustibles detector can be used to monitor burner operation for further improvements in efficiency and safety.


The OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyser measures unburned oxygen levels in dirty, aggressive combustion applications including;

  • Boilers: all fuels and all types, including marine, recovery, and utility
  • Furnaces: all fuels and all types, including heat treating, glass and process
  • Rotary kilns: ore reduction, cement, alumina processing and others
  • Incinerators: industrial, municipal and hazardous waste


  • Ex situ diffusion/convection loop design with zirconium oxide oxygen sensor for measurement accuracy and durability
  • Sensor housing maintains steady temperature for greater accuracy and longer sensor life
  • Automatic calibration and verification
  • Optional sensor to measure CO, H2 and other combustibles
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Plug-resistant sample path
  • Easy installation and sensor replacement
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 1900°C

Why Monitor Flue Gas?

Ideally, every burner should mix a precise ratio of air and fuel, and the fuel should burn stoichiometrically to yield only heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide. In reality, this rarely happens. Burners age, mixing is imperfect, calorific value of fuel varies, firing rates change, and the weather changes from day to day.

Any of these factors can change the amount of air required for safe and efficient combustion of fuel. Accurate flue gas analysis minimizes fuel costs and reduces pollution in all combustion processes.

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