Particle Plus – Advanced Technology Particle Counters

Particles Plus unveiled its new Air Quality Monitors at the 2015 Indoor Environment & Energy Exposition in Texas USA. This line of innovative particle counters measures particle mass concentrations and total particle mass while monitoring and recording essential environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC).

What makes these monitors unique are the advanced power management features which allow the instrument to be placed into remote environments, monitoring the air quality for more than a month on a single battery charge. The sleep mode function allows the instrument to sample air and then shut down all processes for a user-defined set time. After the programmed sleep time, the unit wakes up and takes the next sample, repeating this process. Depending on the amount of time between samples and settings and the sample time, the unit can easily run from one to two months on a single charge.

Air quality testers and air sampling experts alike will find this small light weight design is packed with quality features that will enhance the services they provide to their customers. This new line of Air Quality Monitors includes the stand-alone model 7301-IAQ that can be placed on a surface to monitor an environment for temporary testing, while the model 5301-IAQ is designed for fixed wall-mounted installation.

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