POLA 2000 for Particle Size and Counting

Particle & Surface Sciences are pleased to announce that the POLA 2000 has been modified to include extra applications, while still maintaining a very affordable option for a small budget.

This system is manufactured, sold and serviced in Australia and distributed throughout the world. Applications for this system are Aqueous Fluids, Used Oils, Powders, Cement, Algae, Pharmaceutical and Biological products for research and industrial organizations. The instrument comes in two configurations:

Particle Size Analyser
– Size range 0.5um—350um
– Up to 1,000 user selectable size channels over the size range
– Results can be displayed by both Population & Volume in either graphical or tabular formats
– Calibrated with NIST traceable latex standards

Particle Count Analyser
– Calibrated to required Standards : ISO11171
– Reporting (ISO4406) or SAE AS4059 Standard for Hydraulic Fluids.
– Constant pump speed regardless of viscosity
– Resolution can be selected by the user

The system is simple to use, versatile and inexpensive. It features its own carry handle, a dedicated laptop computer and Windows Software.

Please contact PsS for a no obligation technical advice for your particular application. PsS has an Analytical Laboratory should you wish to send your samples for analysis on this system.

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