Portable “at-line” Moisture Analysis

Moisture analysis specialist Callidan Instruments has added portability functionality to its successful MoistScan® MA-100 Bulk Sample Microwave Moisture Analyser.

The advantage of the MoistScan® MA-100 over traditional ways of determining moisture is the very large sample size and the quick turnaround time to obtain a result.

The new MA-100 suitcase model retains all the benefits of the original MA-100 with the additional benefit of being able to easily transport the analyser from place to place making it very practical for use in the field and in the plant.

The MA-100 is suitable for use on the majority of bulk materials spanning the mining, mineral processing, food, building materials, and agriculture.

Typical uses include:

  • Measuring moisture in stockpiles such as coal, nickel ore, bagasse and woodchip
  • Measuring filter cake moisture in minerals
  • Spot checking moistures in truckloads and shiploads of grains and other agricultural products
  • At line sampling of food products in blenders and mixers

The MA-100 is fully integrated into a pelican case and incorporates the following features.

  • A large 3 litre bucket ensures representative sample
  • Simply pressing a button will give you the moisture result in less than 10 seconds
  • User friendly display makes calibration easy
  • Can hold up to 10 calibrations for different product types
  • USB and Ethernet for connection to PC for data logging and software upgrades
  • Can be battery powered for use in the field

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