Portable Humidity Calibrator Provides 12 Hours of Use

Michell Instruments has upgraded its portable humidity calibrator – the S503- with an optional, external battery pack. Michell introduced the modification in response to requests from customers who found that many of the locations on their sites where calibrations were made did not have easy access to mains electricity.

The battery pack provides 12 hours or more of continuous use from a single charge, allowing a full day of calibrations to be completed on-site. This is a unique feature not currently offered by any other calibrator on the market, and provides true portability, allowing the S503 to be used even where mains power is not available.

The S503 portable humidity calibrator from Michell Instruments is a practical, affordable and flexible solution for calibrating RH sensors. It can be used by most staff as no specialist training or experience is necessary.

Simply connect up to 7 probes, set the desired humidity with the front panel switches and wait for the humidity within the calibration chamber to stabilise. Response time is fast too – stabilisation occurs within just 10 minutes of setting the relative humidity, enabling a 3-point calibration to be carried out in around an hour. At less than 2kg in weight and 24cm wide, the instrument is compact and easy to transport. A convenient carry case is also available to hold the calibrator and its accessories.

Michell Instruments are experts in their field and have over 35 years’ experience in moisture calibration and sensing. Using the S503 in combination with a Michell Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, such as the Optidew Vision, you can create a transportable, traceable humidity calibration system.

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