Portable Steel Weighbridge for Contracted Freight

A Portable Steel Weighbridge was installed at the entrance to a chemical plant in Geelong by a contracted freight provider. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch, the Steel Deck Weighbridge is being used to calculate freight charges while also ensuring loaded vehicles leaving the plant are not overloaded.

The client accepted Accuweigh’s offer of a Portable Steel Weighbridge which can be easily relocated at the end of the contract period if required. Measuring 30 metres long, the steel deck weighbridge is capable of weighing both B-Doubles and small road trains in a single weighing transaction.

Long vehicles can be weighed on shorter weighbridges by using a process called split weighing which requires the truck and trailer are weighed in two halves and then summed to achieve total vehicle mass. The accuracy of Split Weighing is highly dependent on having the vehicle level and in the same plane for the entire length overhanging the weighbridge. Not only can the slightest height discrepancy cause significant weighing errors, even the application of the vehicles’ brakes can impact on the accuracy of the weight readings.

For optimum strength and rigidity, the cross members connecting the weighbridge’s steel decks also contain the load cells making them a load bearing point to overcome flexing of the weighbridge deck under load. Accuweigh’s portable weighbridges are easily extended by adding extra weighbridge deck sections to achieve the required weighbridge length.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states and has installed more weighbridges across Australia than any other weighbridge company.

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