Powder Spray Sizing from ATA Scientific

The Spraytec is aiding engineers in developing and monitoring industrial spray systems such as spray drying, agrochemical sprays and coating sprays. It provides real-time particle size distribution of powder sprays and aerosols.

A long optical path can be customised for different locations and spray geometries. A range of triggering options means that measurements can be synchronised with spray actuators. The IP rated housing protects against dust and water and a compressed air purge prevents contamination of the optics.
Spraytech software fully controls the process from automatic alignment, background subtraction, triggering, measurement, to the final data analysis. The Size History function enables particle size trends to be easily compared and quantified. Measuring parameters can be incorporated into Standard Operating Procedures and full validation is provided including compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

This Malvern laser diffraction system is specifically designed for powder spray and aerosol characterisation providing;

  • Accurate Particle Sizing: over a dynamic range of 0.1 – 2000 microns.
  • Rapid Measurements: one measurement every 100 microseconds (10kHz) fully captures transient changes in both pulsed and continuous sprays.
  • High Concentration: patented multiple scattering corrections ensure spray measurements can be made even at high concentrations.
  • Automated software and advanced analysis features

The flexibility of the Spraytec system makes it ideally suited to applications across a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical research to industrial quality control and batch release testing.

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