PPD Air Pumps Appointed as Tuthill Distributor

PPD Air Pumps is pleased to announce their appointment as a distributor of Tuthill Positive Displacement Blowers.

This alliance offers the company an exciting future in developing and expanding their market place presence. New products are already being developed for the small pneumatic conveyor builder, designs that will remove the guesswork from calculating "how much air do I need in this size pipe". Providing the user with an ability to fine tune a conveyor, or to change the parameters dramatically, depending on the manufacturing scenario. The use of Variable Speed Drives, with factory set-up safety parameters, will tune power consumption to precisely what’s required.

Also of interest is a bigger range of Gas Blowers for handling bio-gas, methane and other industrial gasses. The drive to be more efficient in our factories, by using gas waste for heat or power, has strong interest in the development of equipment tailored to each company’s exact needs.

PPD will continue to supply, package and service the brands they have been associated with for many years, including Kunkle pressure relief valves, Holmes blowers, Roots Dresser blowers, Eurus blowers and Rotary Feeders.

PPD’s sales and engineering staff are happy to discuss any requirements.

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