Precision Feeding With WAM and Torex

High precision feeding of powders or granular materials has become an increasingly important objective in various industrial processes in recent times.

Air purification, waste water treatment, varnish production, the food, or the plastics industry are only a few examples of where efficient and economic volumetric feeding and dosing have become a constant requirement. Materials handled range from additives, pigments and reagents to virtually all powdery ingredients that need to be added in small quantities to a process in the most precise and accurate way possible.

Both model ranges, MBF and MBW, supplied by WAM® offer high feeding precision reaching tolerances up to 1% depending on the specific material properties.

The importance of high precision feeding becomes particularly evident in the manufacture of varnishes where even a subtle difference in quantity of a dosed pigment will lead to a completely different colour shade of the final product. To be able to satisfy even such advanced requirements, a combination of an MBF Micro-batch Feeder with a TOREX® weighing system made up of a BE500-type scales combined with the ANSY 8010 microprocessor control unit, is a more than valuable offer.

This combination enables precision levels of up to 99.5% and more.

During tests with materials typically used in varnish production (titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate, various pigments) the error percentage in both continuous and batch feeding processes was always below 0.4 to 0.5%.

The use of WAM® Micro-batch Feeders in combination with TOREX® weighing equipment, considerably increases the possibility of application where a volumetric feeder alone will not be sufficient.

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