Precision Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers with Serial Interface

Featuring advanced diffused semi-conductor and sputtered thin film technology to provide maximum stability, these transducers were designed for industrial and laboratory applications requiring high accuracy & repeatability, such as research & testing, aeronautical, precision controls, marine, power generation, and medical.

  • Temperature compensation system virtually eliminates temperature induced errors from 50°F to 104°F
  • Standard output is digital with an RS232, 8N1/9600 Baud serial interface (other outputs & electrical connections available)
  • Ranges vacuum through 15,000 psi (absolute ranges from 15 psia to 300 psia)
  • High over range protection
  • Standard 1/2 inch NPT process connection
  • Final calibration tests prior to shipment ensures 100% "out of the box" reliability.

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