Product Testing Provides Peace of Mind

Is your company involved in manufacturing of Food Ingredients, Metal Powder, Plastic Compounding or Building Products? If you are not happy with your existing system, then Matcon Pacific can help you.

Matcon’s Guildford West facility is a convenient one-stop product trials test plant. You can witness how we conduct product trials and learn more about how Matcon can help you achieve Lean Powder Manufacturing – Flexible & Cost Effective solutions.

Product trials enable you to evaluate Matcon equipment to see if it meets your current and future manufacturing needs. They work together with you in partnership to provide increased plant efficiency, flexibility, throughput and hygiene all these benefits lead to greater competitiveness in the market place and increased profits.

Matcon’s test plant can demonstrate parallel processing, where the ingredient formulation, mixing and packing processes are performed separately.

Formulation: IBC filling from sack tip station combined with a vibrating sieve. Filling into a batch IBC offers good housekeeping, product contamination, operator safety and productivity reasons.

In-Bin Blending: Cleaning is done “off-line” – The IBC is the mixing vessel, therefore it is not necessary to clean the Blender itself thus minimizes risk of cross contamination and ability to “De-coupling” from formulation and packing operations.

Powder Discharge: Our ability to overcome solid handling issues e.g. segregation, flushing, bridging, rat holing, etc. and to provide a closed (hygienic) material transfer. Matcon IBC systems incorporate Cone Valve Technology is specifically designed to effectively discharge and control all sorts of material (heavy, light, sluggish, fluidized, etc.).

Direct packing: Allow powders to be packed into 25 kg bags directly from IBC via varistroke discharge station, without the need for cross feeders and can be cleaned within 9 minutes. Our discharge station guarantees discharge of difficult flowing material and no segregation takes place in the connection between the IBC and powder packer.

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