Quarry replaces conveyors with more flexible ICA radial stacker technology

Mawsons Quarry at Pyramid Hill, Victoria, has become the first quarry in Australia to commission ICA radial stacker technology to replace standard conveyor systems.

This five-day operation processes between 200-300 tph of road base and cement bound for roads servicing.

The quarry not only reduced shutdown and maintenance costs by instituting radial stackers, it also solved some of the dust problems that could not be overcome with standard conveyors.

The solution from ICA engineers included two combined radial and luffing stackers, one automated luffing unit, and a straight out radial stacker as well as significant screen adjustments, stands and chute work.

Mawsons Site Manager, Mr Ash Miller, says the ICA radial stacker system is predominantly used in the primary scalping section. "Before the upgrade we were using a couple of old conveyors, but now the new ICA radial stacker technology is all integrated with the vibrating screen and automatically splits the product three-ways enabling the stackers to move the product to the appropriate locations.

"We have the flexibility to direct the output of the screen (eight different scenarios) so the stackers can be moved to handle different grades of product for different orders.

"With the previous conveyor configuration, on a windy day we found that finer particles were being blown off the tops of the conveyors but with the stackers having a height adjustment function we have been able to stop that almost completely.

"Over the years, I have seen a lot of stackers that don’t last, but ICA stackers are quite the opposite. These stackers are built very sturdy with their own on-board power pack and big wheels, so our expectation is that they will last us a long time.

"They have scrapers to quickly remove loose product, therefore the unit itself will never be prevented from moving. It is a massive benefit as this has been a common problem with traditional stacker manufacture."

At the primary scalping section, any product larger than 180mm goes off to one stacker, anything between 180mm and 18mm to a separate conveyor belt and anything under 18mm off to another radial stacker.

Throughput can be as much as 2000 tph depending on how wide a belt is fitted. Only a reasonably smooth surface is required on which to operate.

Another key aspect is that this stacker not only travels radially, it can lower to nearly horizontal and elevate to 35 degrees even with a 40 metre boom length. The system can also be fitted with sonic detection devices and programmed for automatic height adjustment to safeguard against the unit striking the mound and minimise product drop height therefore reducing dust issues.

The Control system has been designed with simplicity in mind. An electronic “touch” screen provides instant productivity feedback enabling the operator to control the process to maximise throughput.

Occupational health and safety issues have also been addressed. ICA’s radial stacker has all the latest safety interlocks, pull cords, insulation switches, etc, so that the system fully interlocks.

Virtually all other radial stackers in Australia originate from overseas companies and sourcing parts for breakdown repair can be fraught with time delays. ICA equipment is designed and manufactured locally and great care has gone into ensuring that absolutely everything associated with the machine comprises components readily available in Australia.

For example, if anyone needs a gearbox or idler seat, it can be found almost anywhere in Australia.

ICA’s radial stacker has been designed to accommodate applications not just in quarries but also general mining, wood chipping, rubbish, dock and ship loading, fertiliser and agricultural.

Components used in each ICA radial stacker that is manufactured can vary according to customer requirements. Paint finish is also according to preference.

ICA is a local company with a strong history in engineering/consulting so it oversees the complete lifecycle of this product with ongoing maintenance expertise.

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