Real Time Particle Sizing

A million measurements a year!

Malvern Insitec analysers measure particle size distributions, at-line, in-line and on-line. Dry powders, sprays and liquid dispersions can be measured by static or mobile analysers. This comprehensive range of instruments are used in many particulate processing industries including toners, pharmaceuticals, cement, minerals, powder coatings, pigments and metal powders. They use advanced laser diffraction technology to control processes such as milling, classification, spray drying, atomization, filtration and granulation. Insitec analysers can make more than a million measurements every year so that products are produced ‘right first time’ reducing waste and recycling. Real time monitoring means batch-to-batch variations are minimised and quality improved.

Features common to all models

  • Laser diffraction technique with a size range 0.1 to 1000μm.
  • Patented high concentration sizing with correction for multiple scattering.
  • 4 measurements per second of the complete particle size distribution.
  • First principles measurement using Mie theory and needing no calibration.
  • The measurement technique has been validated for pharmaceutical use.
  • Watertight and dustproof to industrial protection rating IP65 and IP66.
  • Minimal maintenance, ideal for continuous use in the process environment.

Insitec T

Application – continuous measurement of dry particulate streams. Widely used in cement production and metal powder atomisation.

Insitec ALISS

Application – manual at-line measurement of dry particulate streams. Designed for use by plant operators it requires no sample preparation and can make measurements of a 100g grab sample. It is used in the manufacture of cement, coffee, and powder coatings.

Malvern Link interface and software provides full integration of Insitec analysers with a plant control system. It can deliver results in real-time and provide automation of routine tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and background checks.

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