Rhinoflex P-Series Air Actuated Pinch Valve

The Rhinoflex “P-Series” Air Actuated Pinch Valve, is a simple, versatile and extremely cost effective pinch valve for all “on/off” and “control” applications.

The rubber sleeve is the only wetted part and is housed in a solid ductile iron body. The gap between the sleeve and the inner wall of the body, acts as a built-In actuator and when compressed air or hydraulic pressure is used, it “pinches” the sleeve, which eliminates the need for expensive pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or electric actuators.

The sealing area of the valve is along the length of the sleeve and will close “drop tight”, even on suspended particles. The sleeve will not cake up, as it is self-cleaning every time the valve operates. The valve has no seats or packing, thus having no “dead zones” to collect debris, which hamper valve function.

The Rhinoflex “P-Series” pinch valve, is a full bore, full flow, bi-directional valve, which can be used in any environment. It is a two-piece valve, comprising of only the body and the sleeve. It does not have any moving parts that can malfunction, jam or fail.

The operation of the valve requires about 2 Bar of differential pressure, and the valves are rated to 10 Bar maximum working pressure.

A wolume booster or proportional relay is used to throttle/tontrol the flow if required. Various sleeve-trims, such as double wall and conical orifice are used to acquire a variety of flow results and the wear resistant capacity of the sleeves will ensure trouble free maximum life. The sleeves are easily field replaceable, with the minimum of downtime required.

Typical applications include:

  • Mining – flotation cells
  • Steel – iron ore reduction
  • Abrasive powders and slurries
  • Bottom ash
  • Chemical handling
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Bulk material transfer(silos)
  • Cement

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