Ribbon Blender With Integral Dust Collector from Fresco Systems

Fresco Systems Australasia has now released an integral dust collector mounted directly on the top of a ribbon blender. This has many advantages including returning collected dust back into the product stream. This reduces product wastage and removes the need for the operator to empty waste dust collection drums.

When filling blenders the operator must cut and tip 20 and 25kg bags of various powders. This creates dust and this should be controlled by the use of dust collection. Design airflows should be 1-1.5m/s through the blender opening in order to prevent the operator being exposed to the dust. Depending on the particle size and bulk density of the powders carryover to the dust collector will vary. A stand alone or central dust collector will discharge collected product into a waste drum, which must be emptied by the operator. This requires manual handling to lift and tip the drum exposing the operator to the dust as the drum is emptied.

The Fresco Systems integral dust collector is rated to 4,600m³/hr and is fabricated in stainless steel or carbon steel depending on the application. Airflow is created via a corrosion resistant molded PVC fan, which has a noise rating of 74dba. Dust is collected on the two cartridge fillers (41m²) that have an efficiency of 99.99% to 0.5micron. Clean filtered air can then be returned to the process environment reducing the loadings on HVAC systems. Reverse pulse cleaning discharges the collected dust from the filters back into the blender ensuring no product goes to waste. Access to the filters for inspection and replacement is via the large side access door.

The Fresco Systems dust collector is flanged directly to the top of the ribbon blender it is self contained and easy to retrofit to new or existing systems. Design to suit all Fresco Systems standard ribbon blender sizes from 150litre up to 4,000litre the dust collector can be adapted with a hopper transition reducing the discharge to fit smaller sizes blenders.

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