RINA future for Fonterra

RINA is an internet-based software suite that allows near infrared (NIR) analysis to be performed free of local concerns about issues such as calibration maintenance and instrument performance.

The world’s leading dairy producer Fonterra has made extensive use of the software and now sees RINA as a key element of its analysis strategy.

The company stated: "Fonterra fundamentally believes that RINA will become central to our analytical instrumental use in years to come and that RINA is one of the key points of difference that distinguishes FOSS from its competitors. We look forward with anticipation to the future with RINA."

More about RINA

The RINA software suite provides an Internet-based network connecting individual instruments to a control centre. NIR experts at the centre perform monitoring and management tasks remotely, allowing the local user to get on with routine analysis operations secure in the knowledge that an instrument is running perfectly and delivering reliable results. Remote troubleshooting can also be performed, avoiding the need for an on-site expert.

RINA supports FOSS InfraXact™, FOSS NIRSystems™ II, FOSS FoodScanTM and FOSS XDS™ bench instruments.

All prediction models and products are set up in RINA just once for the entire network. Any changes or updates are easily made and positively implemented throughout the network using a Network Manager program. This assures the integrity of the complete analytical system.

RINA is available in two versions: ‘FOSS hosted RINA’ and ‘Customer Hosted RINA’. With FOSS hosted RINA it is FOSS, rather than the customer, that takes charge of running the network. Customer Hosted RINA is intended for very large organisations who wish to run their own RINA server, database and operations.

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