December 2007 – Product of the Month

Rotor Detection System for Rotary Valves

For critical rotary valve applications such as for food or infant formula manufacture when rotor scrapping must be immediately detected to prevent the contamination and downgrading of the product, Nu-Con has the solution.

The “Rotor Detection System” uses a modified valve design in which the rotor is electrically isolated from the housing, and both elements are connected to a controller via a slip ring commutator. The controller includes a isolated switch amplifier to remotely monitor the system using an intrinsically safe circuit.

If there is any contact between the rotor and the housing then the system detects this and a warning signal contact is made, which can be used to either send a warning to the operators via the plant SCADA system, or automatically shutdown the valve.

Coupled with this Nu-Con have developed a bottom mounted Easy-Slide Rotor Support System (photo shown). A rotor support adjustment mechanism has improved the rotor support so that during assembly rotor scraping is eliminated.

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