Sands Solution From iBulk

iBulk Solutions with support of their subcontractor Hurll Nu-Way provides energy efficient solutions for sand drying applications.

When a sand quarrying company is looking to increase its sand-drying capacities, the options often considered are investing in a bigger rotary dryer or a fluidised bed dryer.
Rotary dryers can be a cheaper option, but more energy demanding. Fluidised bed drying promises a smaller footprint and considerably lower energy consumption. Energy savings with fluidized bed technology are achieved by increasing the drying surface of the sand by suspending it in heated pressurised gas.

Quite often, huge amounts of silica are to be dried, with equipment handling several tons of it per hour. iBulk® has created a dryer able to operate with huge quantities of sand. Their standard product, Vibrating Fluid Bed System for Drying and Cooling, can be modified to suit customer’s specifications to take into account the volumes of product.

In one of the cases, to heat the system, iBulk® needed a 2.7kW gas burner, which had to be built in the duct, and they contacted Hurll Nu-Way, known for their combustion product range for over a century. Hurll Nu-Way offered to supply an industrial in-duct burner manufactured by Nu-Way (UK). With Nu-Way product range offering capacities up to 45 MW, EnergyStream burner head was selected and delivered to Australia. Combustion specialists and technicians from Hurll Nu-Way designed the duct and incorporated the burner into a compact duct package, complete with a gas valve train and a burner management panel, also designed at Hurll.

The average efficiency of fluid bed dryers is 20-40% higher than rotary dryers, which ensured that iBulk’s clients achieved considerable savings on the fuel consumption required in the drying process. Hurll Nu-Way is proud to be a small part of a big energy saving solution.

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