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It’s quite common for industrial and mining businesses to focus on removing a specific size fraction of product from their feed stock before it is sent for future processing or packaging.Often this is done with a vibrating screen requiring large vibrator motors and a considerable amount of steel for strength to perform a basic duty.

However, with the introduction of the revolutionary Hi-Cline™ machine to their already extensive range of screeners, iBulk Solutions Pty Ltd can assist business owners scalp product more efficiently.

“It’s time for industrial and mining businesses to stop wasting money scalping product inefficiently,” said Mr Tony Webber, managing director, iBulk® Solutions Pty Ltd. “Our new Hi-Cline™ machine is designed to be the most efficient scalping machine for lump removal at higher capacities.”

Unlike conventional mechanical screens, the Hi-Cline™ body remains stationary and only the screening surface is excited. Excitation of the screen mesh is achieved by a series of out-of-balance vibrating motors connected to the screen surface by a specially designed torsion bar.

“The influence of these vibrators on the screen surfaces generates up to 11 G’s of screen force during operation, a value that is impossible to achieve with conventional screening equipment,” explained Tony.

Since the flow of material is achieved through stratification the Hi-Cline™ is installed at an angle greater than 30O. Single and double deck configurations are available and typical applications include Urea, Lime, Abrasives, Animal Feeds, Chemicals and various Minerals just to name a few.

“The introduction of the Hi-Cline™ is set to revolutionise the way that products are scalped and in these challenging economic times, innovations like this help reduce the cost of production and ultimately increase profit at the bottom line,” added Tony.

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