Sew Launches IP66 Movitrac Lte Version B Inverter

At National Manufacturing Week in May 2011, drive solutions leader SEW-Eurodrive will launch an IP66 extension of the company’s Movitrac Lte version B frequency inverter range. The Movitrac Lte version B is ideally suited to low-power variable-speed drive applications, such as small fans and pumps, machine tools and conveyors. Previously available in both IP20 and IP55 housings, the new IP66 model provides added dust and water protection for harsh environments.

The Movitrac Lte version B is available in single phase (up to 2.2kW) and three phase (up to 7.5kW)–and comes in three compact frame sizes. It also boasts an innovative integrated DIN-rail snap-in mounting capability, which simplifies installation. Fast and easy to set up, the Movitrac Lte version B features 14 standard and 26 extended configuration parameters. This, coupled with the drive’s easy mechanical and electrical installation, ensures that basic drive applications can be ‘up and running’ in minutes.

According to SEW-Eurodrive Strategic Marketing and Product Manager, Darren Klonowski, the Movitrac Lte version B IP66 model is an ideal offering for the food and beverage industry. “This model is completely water proof,” he said. “Maintaining its integrity in washdown situations, this unit would be well suited to applications such as conveyors and pumps installed in challenging environments.”

The Movitrac Lte version B also provides users with new levels of interfacing flexibility. “The Movitrac Lte version B series offers users four means of access for drive configuration, monitoring and control,” said Klonowski. “It is equipped with an in-built keypad, an onboard RS485 port for PC access, an infrared optical link for wireless connectivity to pocket PC or smart phone, and optional portable programming stick for multi-drive parameter transfer.
“The portable programming stick is perfect for OEMs that need to program large quantities of drives. Now, manufacturers are able to configure a single drive, and then simply transfer the parameters onto any number of other drives. This is a real time saver.”

Inherently energy-efficient, TheMovitrac Lte version B is equipped with an energy optimiser function. This function enables the drive to automatically match the applied motor voltage (hence torque) with the load conditions–the drive uses only what it needs. This provides significant advantage over conventional ‘variable torque’ control strategies, in that higher starting torques can be achieved.

The Movitrac Lte version B supports connection to industrial fieldbus-based communications systems via a SEW-Eurodrive UFx gateway, which can be connected to the inverter’s integrated RJ45 connector. This enables users to cost-effectively implement communications protocols, including Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, ModbusIP and EtherCat. “The drive’s multi-fieldbus capability allows manufacturers to easily connect the Movitrac Lte version Bwith supervisory PLCs and SCADA system control architectures,” said Klonowski.

To explore SEW-Eurodrive’s Movitrac Lte version B family, visit SEW-Eurodrive at National Manufacturing Week 2011: stand No. 2900, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 24 to 37 May, 2011

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