Shaft Seals for Vapor Containment in Process Machines

The OFS model is a fully-split, single face, full-contacting rotary shaft seal, used to contain vapors, liquids and solids. It is one of many MECO shaft seals custom-designed to suit each application on rotating, non-pump equipment in process industries. Typical applications are on mixers, agitators, dryers and ribbon blenders.

Engineers consider process pressure, shaft diameter, shaft speed, system temperature and process chemistry in choosing the optimal seal for each application. Depending upon process conditions, users may see:

  • Operation at temperatures from -50 to +250 degrees Celsius.
  • Process pressure range from full vacuum to +50 KPa.
  • Shaft speeds up to 300rpm.
  • 8mm of total indicator (TIR) shaft run-out.
  • Vapor containment to 150ppm.

Top-entry or horizontal shafts can be sealed effectively; elastomer-free construction is possible. Seal faces are loaded through external spring pressure.

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