Shaft Seals Reduce Airborne Dust and Vapors

Bulk processing plants with potentially explosive atmospheres are assessing their risks and reviewing all of their equipment, including shaft seals, to minimize explosion risk. Such plants include processors of hydrocarbons or dry powders, where dust or vapors are present in contained or concentrated atmospheres.

Because packing gland seals are unsuitable for service in many potentially explosive atmospheres, many processors are seeking alternatives.

MECO, a company that has been manufacturing shaft seals since 1984, has invested significant R & D resources, adapting its seal designs so as to comply with strict European explosive atmosphere regulations (ATEX).

MECO seals are now available, which not only keep dust and vapors from escaping process
vessels into the atmosphere, but also incorporate safety features to reduce ignition risk.

MECO designers examine every application individually and custom-engineer a seal to meet the
processor’s requirements.


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