Shop Scales with Printer Discounted During October

Shop Scales with Printer are currently available at discounted prices during October or until allocated stocks are sold out. The high quality Shop Scales with Printer are available in two body types; double body and flat body for normal counter top use.

The double body Shop Scales with Printer are ideal for weighing moist or wet products like seafood as the elevated positioning of the keyboard and weighing electronics eliminates the potential for spilt corrosive liquids to cause damage to the electronic components.

Accuweigh’s Dibal K335 Shop Scales with Printer are certified for Trade Use and are suitable for use in both retail shop and prepacking applications due to their ability to print both prepack labels and customer receipts from the same scale.

Another unique feature is the ability to use label stock designed for other scale brands which eliminates the need to discard existing label stock when upgrading to Dibal Printing Retail Scales. The label formatting can be done through either the keyboard or through PC software.

Up to 2,000 PLU’s can be self-programmed for easy recall and for generating extensive reporting details. Up to 5 K355 Shop Scales with Printer can be inter-connected and linked to a PC using optional serial output cards.
These discounted prices only apply to existing stocks and do not include programming of client PLU’s and/or label design. Please contact your local Accuweigh branch to discuss your retail printing needs – while stocks last.

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