Short course in ‘Food and Feed Extrusion Technology’

The short course in ‘Food and Feed Extrusion Technology’ is presented by Foodstream Pty Ltd in conjunction with the Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Human Health (IFNHH), Massey University, New Zealand.

The course is designed to provide a thorough background in the principles and practice of extrusion. The basic scientific and process engineering principles of extrusion will be described in a simple, clear and concise manner that provides a good understanding of the extrusion process. The program covers topics including the basics of extruders and their configuration; the science of extrusion including the chemical and physical changes of ingredients occurring in the extruder barrel during the extrusion process; an understanding of extruder dies and instability; and a basic understanding of the characteristics of final product quality and how to control and optimise it. The outcome of this training will lead to a more controlled and optimised extrusion process.

The program is relevant to both single and twin screw extruders, and to the production of all types of extruded products – including expanded snacks and breakfast cereals, pastas and third generation snack pellets, pet foods and aquafeeds.

When: Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th June 2009

Where: Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Human Health (IFNHH)
Massey University
Manawatu Campus
North Palmerston
New Zealand

Cost: $NZ 1,950 plus any applicable taxes

Contacts: Timothy Kowitz
Manager – R&D, Business & Training
Phone: +61 7 3137 1433
Fax: +61 7 3102 9128

Full details of the course including the proposed program, presenters, online registration, and accommodation, are available at

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