Sifting of Raw Materials and Finished Products

Sifting of raw materials or final products is required in most manufacturing facilities. Nu-Con has a wide range of Sifters to compliment their Client’s requirements, and have recently added to this range with their Mobile Sifter.

The Mobile Sifter is typically used for sifting powders and granules, its adjustable height and mobility makes it very practical for reworking finished product such as broken bags on packing lines.

Nu-Con’s circular range of Sifters allowing vertical sifting of the product are ideal as a high throughput check screen, in processes where lumps or tailings are not acceptable.

Nu-Con also has several ranges of Inline Pressure or Inline Vacuum Sifters that include both Flat Deck and Rotary Sifters for various applications, as these are incorporated in the convey line, they can usually be included in existing systems with only pipeline modifications required.

Rotary Sifters are very useful for products that tend to form soft lumps of good product that need to be broken up and hard lumps of waste product which need to be separated out to the overs or waste container. Of course these Sifters are available in many different constructions to suit food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications including full demountability by hand (no tools required for cleaning or product changes).

Their Flat Deck range of Sifters are often used on fragile products being made directly off the process such as a Dryer or a Mixer, where the overs are removed and the good fine product is gently sifted. They are also often used as a final check for the product before packaging either direct after a Nu-Con 25kg or Bulk Bag Discharge Station or after being gently pneumatically conveyed by dense phase pressure or vacuum from a product Storage Hopper.

Sifting requirements vary from one industry to the next, which is why Nu-Con support a wide range of Sifters to suit their Clients requirements.

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