Silo Monitoring Systems Eliminates Raw Material Shortages

Silo Monitoring Systems were recently commissioned for Poly Products based in Regency Park, SA by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch in South Australia. The silo monitoring systems ensure the company’s manufacturing processes are not likely to be disrupted by inadvertent shortages of raw materials.

The silo monitoring systems are fitted to multiple large silos containing the raw materials used in the manufacture of their packaging films and other products. Each of the seven silos are mounted on four heavy duty Accupoint load cells of 25t capacity with inbuilt over-lift protection and a total weighing capacity of 100t for each silo.

The weighing electronics used in these silo monitoring systems comprise seven Rinstrum R320 digital weight indicators which are panel mounted into the lid of a Rittal enclosure for high visibility to production staff.

Each silo monitoring system is fitted with a serial data output that is connected to a PC running custom monitoring software supplied by Accuweigh’s own software company, AASoftware. This PC is located in the production office to allow the production manager to also monitor the level of product in each silo.

The PC software used in this silo monitoring system can be readily upgraded to include the ability to automatically place material orders by e-mail directly to the relevant suppliers for any material nearing a nominated low product level.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing after sales service and support on silo monitoring systems and all types of scales and weighing equipment.

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