Silo Unloader

MORILLON of France is the manufacturer of the HYDRASCREW Silo Unloader.

The HYDRASCREW is designed to bottom unload circular silos by means of a rotating screw revolving 360 deg. around a central pivot point in the silo base through which the product is discharged.

Available in ten models to suit silos from 2.00 m diameter up to 20.00 m diameter with fixed (or variable) discharge rates from 1 to 500 cu/m per hour, the HYDRASCREW is capable of discharging a variety of diverse raw materials such as coal, sludge, woodchips, oilseed meal, chemicals, plastic chips, limestone, fly ash, animal and human foodstuffs.

The HYDRASCREW is powered by a single hydraulic power pack, which ensures the unit is capable of dealing with heavy-duty applications. Silos with loads as little as 500 kg of flaked plastic film and as much as 6000 tonnes of fly ash have been successfully discharged by a single HYDRASCREW. If a number of units are installed in a storage complex it is possible to drive these from a single power-pack provided the silos are not required to be discharged simultaneously.

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