Simple, Reliable and Representative Sampling

Microscal Spinning Rifflers offer a reliable method of extracting a representative sample from a bulk supply of particulate material that is both reproducible and operator independent. Spinning rifflers offer a simple and dependable sampling method that saves testing time and improves QA/QC accuracy.

The technique overcomes segregation, heterogeneity, and stratification while virtually eliminating operator error. Spinning rifflers have shown to produce the highest sampling accuracy when compared to other traditional sampling methods.

The spin riffling technique relies on the concept of random sampling to build a set of fractions from a bulk of material so that each fraction contains all the characteristics as the bulk, including particle size distribution. The technique builds each sample by a process of multiple addition so that a statistically representative image of the bulk exists in each of the newly created sample fractions.

Microscal spinning rifflers are designed to handle materials with a wide range of particle size, cohesion, and density. Powders and granules from submicron to 4.75mm top size can be riffled. Large bulks may be sampled using a larger Spinning riffler before feeding resulting portions through a smaller model.

A representative final sample is assured even when the ratio of initial bulk to final sample size is 100,000 to 1, particulate properties permitting. Recombination of samples after riffling to generate desired quantities for round-robins or standard samples of materials is an advantage of the technique. Examples of applications include coals, minerals, ores, fly ash, glass, catalysts, gemstones, pharmaceuticals, toners, pigments, soils to name a few.

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