March 08 – Featured Article

“SmartFil” Range from Nu-Con

The range of fully stainless steel packing machines known as ‘SmartFil’ are now available from Nu-Con. The range includes four model sizes of 25kg packing machines, as well as, Bulk Bag Filling, Bin Filling Systems and Sealers.

This means Nu-Cons Client’s are not only supplied turnkey installations including pneumatic conveying, screening, blending, weigh batching and bulk storage, but also now have the one same supplier for their packing needs as well.

The 25kg Packing Machines have been designed with stringent hygiene requirements and quick demountability features required during product changes in the demanding worldwide dairy industry of milk powder.

The range of products has been designed from the base up to give quick demountability, excellent dust suppression and high accuracy in the bag.

This photo shows the “SmartFil” 25-180D Bag Filler. It is a highly accurate, 3 x 25kg bags per minute (4,500kg per hour) filler designed specifically for dairy and other high grade powder packaging applications.

Its features include:

  • High filling accuracy – up to 20 grams std deviation (rate/product dependent)
  • Fully guarded to comply with local OH&S Regulations
  • Automatic bag remover/bag stretcher with integral de-aeration system
  • Fully automatic operation with bag applicator
  • Quick and easy to clean including Feed Augers demounting on shaft/linear bearing assemblies
  • Integral Dust control in filling head
  • Left and right hand oriented systems available

Benefits and unique features include:

  • Reduces wasteful overfilling and eliminates manual top-off – excellent R.O.I.
  • Hygienically designed bag handling with no foreign object entering bag when filling
  • Sanitary densification of product
  • User friendly operation and control
  • Minimum downtime for cleaning – critical parts hand demountable
  • All stainless steel/food grade products construction
  • Easy access for maintenance

Ancillary equipment includes:

  • Neck stretchers
  • Heat sealers
  • Bag flatteners
  • Bag turners
  • Check weighers
  • Reject station
  • Palletisers
  • Integrated gassing systems

The second photo shows the basic ‘SmartFil’ 25-120DP filler, design for low packing rates of up to 3,000kg/hr, an excellent machine for low rate or bagging of rework. Like all the other Models in the range, the 25-120DP is also quick demountable for easy cleaning.

These packing machines are manufactured and tested at Nu-Con’s own production facility in Auckland, New Zealand, and marketed throughout the group by way of their offices in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, China and Indonesia.

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