Soda Ash System Reduces Costs of Raw Materials

In response to a recent request to reduce costs of raw materials and manual handling, Fresco’s solution was to install a bulk bag unloader with a flexible conveyor. Obtaining the materials in 1000kg bulk bags reduced the material costs, the operators manual handling and the disposal costs of the paper sacks. With a payback of just 19 months this wholly justified the capital costs of the new system.

The Fresco system is a modular design and comes pre-assembled which allows for quick installation and adaptability to all applications. The Fresco forklift bulk bag unloader supplied has four fully adjustable sturdy uprights, allowing for any size of bulk bag by simply removing the retainer pins and adjusting the vertical height of the support frame pockets.

Bag straps are quickly and easily secured to the forklift lifting frame providing a safe and secure attachment while being lifted and positioned in the pockets. The top section of the support frame is made to be fully adjustable and can be rotated to suit bag loading from any direction. The spout of the bulk bag is clamped by the operator retaining all dust and preventing any environmental instants. Bag massagers massage the base of the bulk bag loosening the material allowing for complete discharge.

The Fresco flexible conveyor elevates the material into a mixing tank where it is dissolved with water, providing a dosing agent for water treatment. The flexible conveyor can also be quickly dismantled for wet washing and full inspection, allowing one unit to be used for numerous applications including both allergen and non-allergen products. The hopper can be fitted with flow promotion devices including agitation, vibration and fluidisation to suit the application and product. Full stainless steel construction including high grade stainless steel and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene contact parts means the system is suitable for all industrial, food and dairy applications.

Fresco tailors their standard equipment designs to suit each application ensuring the specific needs of each customer are meet. With many standard features and a large range of optional features, Fresco’s bulk bag unloaders can be made to suit any requirement and budget.

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