Specialist with Turnkey Air Solution for Food Processing Sector

Australia’s air movement company now has a Food Processing Solutions department to advise, design and manufacture the complete range of fans and air systems required for food processing applications.

The Fanquip business model involves total concept, custom design, heavy duty quality of product, installation and response times to achieve the optimum solution. In addition, Fanquip also offers a comprehensive Service and Maintenance Division complete with equipment and solutions; to ensure that fans, blowers and airflow systems are running as well in 20 years’ time as they are today.

Fanquip’s Food Processing Solutions department has evolved on the strength of the company’s vast experience in the design, manufacture and supply of ventilation systems to this ‘quality of air’ conscious area of industry.

As part of its service, Fanquip’s food Processing Solutions Department provides a huge variety of fan systems including extractor fans, heat control fans, and systems that effectively remove gases and humidity that occur from food processing and abattoir applications.

In particular, Fanquip’s Food Processing Division specialises in providing solutions for the following industry considerations:

  • Temperature / humidity control and air movement.
  • Moisture caused by steamy environments and wash down areas.
  • Dust, grain and flour / hazardous area, collection and filtration.
  • Corrosion, as affected by food acids, steam and harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Distribution of food ingredients.
  • Safety and access solutions to plant and equipment.
  • Noise, acoustics and attenuation design.
  • Management of toxic gases and confined space ventilation.

A common technology required in food processing plants, the air curtain, is an example of the attitude adopted by Fanquip with regards to quality control of its own technologies. The company’s air curtains exceed the AQIS standards which specify an air speed of over 8m/s at 900mm above the floor, at doorways and openings.

All Fanquip’s air curtains comprise heavy duty belt drive, centrifugal, galvanized construction and stainless steel option.

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