Split Shaft Seals for Hostile Processes

MECO’s patented Ex-Pac model seals are built to withstand some of industry’s least hospitable environments. These include aggressive solvents and other chemicals, temperatures up to 260 degrees C (500F), thermal shaft growth, pressure-vacuum fluctuations, high shaft runout or misalignment and some axial shaft motion.

MECO seals are used on slow-turning process equipment such as reactors, dryers, conveyors, etc.

Available with either elastomeric or mechanical drive mechanisms, the Ex-Pac shares the capabilities of other MECO seals to provide exceptional service in abrasive applications, while protecting shafts from being damaged.

MECO considers a variety of materials and designs in custom-engineering seals to suit individual applications. Fully-split models can be retrofit without removal of bearing or drive. Seals may be gas- or water-purged, according to process variables; purge consumption is extremely low.

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