Stainless Steel Ducting for Food & Drug Makers

Eximo SpeedLock has released an line of stainless steel ducting product that is purpose-built for food handling systems and other sensitive areas where stainless steel is required.

Known as SpeedLock S, it is dovetails with Eximo’s SpeedLOCK’s ‘quick lock’ system to provide reduced transport costs and ensure savings are passed onto consumers.

SpeedLock S is supplied in Type 304 stainless steel in standard diameters with 1.5mm wall thickness for extra strength and service life. Type 316 stainless steel is also available as a special order.

Eximo supplies their stainless steel range on a request basis only, with minimum order volumes.

Straight lengths are initially supplied in 1 & 2m lengths. Segmented bends are available in 90°, 60° and 45° in diameters from 80mm to 300mm.

The ‘quick lock’ system is available in standard lock rings (stainless steel not nickel coated), lever lock rings (stainless steel not nickel coated), and wide lock rings for additional strength.
A complete range of accessories is also available, including branch pieces (300 and 450),

reducing cones, throttle valves (with pneumatics as an option), diverters (with pneumatics as an option), sealed and unsealed diverter valves (branch and trouser type), blast gates (also with pneumatics as an option), and flexible hose spigots and bagging spigots, wall brackets, hanging brackets, weld ends, 5 x radius bends, and Plexiglass inspection pieces.

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