State of the Art Packaging System at Auspack

Australian Prime Fibre will exhibit at this year’s Auspack Plus at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. APF will display an innovative Chronos BTH bottom-up bag filling system at the exhibition, which runs for three days, from March 22 – 25.

Chronos BTH has recently developed the hygienic bottom-up filling system for packing powders into open-mouth bags. It is especially suited to dairy products.

APF say the patented system is dust proof, and guarantees high accuracies in the powder packing process.

The machine features a closed bag-top transport mechanism, quick and simple cleaning, fast change-over times and minimized dust emission. The bagging system is available in full stainless-steel version or an ATEX design. Optional nitrogen purging is possible.

During bag transportation the bag-top remains closed. The machine control zone is separated from the functioning bagging zone. There are no fixing devices in the product flow or internal components and those that come into contact with bulk material are sanitary-welded and the exterior machine parts have a polished finish.

Chronos BTH is a worldwide company specialising in weighing, bagging, baling, palletising and load securing solutions in various industries. Its portfolio includes open-mouth bagging systems, valve bagging systems, horizontal and vertical FFS systems and filling systems for flexible and rigid containers.

APF represents Chronos BTH’s packaging products in Australia and New Zealand. Chronos BTH and its subsidiary businesses have production facilities in Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, USA, China, Thailand and India.

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