Stockfeeds Plant Orders Fuji-Ace Robot Palletiser

Accuweigh recently sold a Japanese made, Fuji-Ace Palletising Robot and a locally manufactured palletising and conveying line to the Lismore branch of Norco Agribusiness.

Accupak (Accuweigh’s manufacturing division) designs and locally manufactures complete palletising lines to client’s specs and it was these advantages that assisted Accuweigh being awarded the robot palletiser supply contract.

Accuweigh’s Victorian Sales Manager, Jim Lambros, stated other important benefits that were recognised by Norco Agribusiness included:

  • the flexible design layout allowing all the palletising equipment to fit into the existing floor space available.
  • all other supplied components (apart from the Fuji-Ace Robot Palletiser) are designed and manufactured in Australia by Accuweigh’s own manufacturing division, Accupak Pty Ltd.
  • local backup and support with trained staff in all major Australian cities, including Newcastle.
  • Accuweigh’s ability to meet the short time frame for commissioning the palletisiing line.
  • the client’s confidence in Accuweigh’s profile as Australia’s largest industrial weighing and packaging company

Components of the Robot Palletiser System included:

  1. Bag Elevating Conveyor; positioned under the Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) Machine {supplied by others} to remove filled bags and elevate them to the Vibrating Conditioning Conveyor
  2. Vibrating Conditioning Conveyor; designed to ‘condition’ the filled bags prior to palletising
  3. Bag Pick-Up Conveyor; Robot picks up the filled bags from this conveyor
  4. Fuji-Ace EC101 Robot Palletiser; Transfers filled bags from the Bag Pick-Up Conveyor to the pallet, stacking the bags to the programmed pattern configuration
  5. Pallet Dispenser; Automatically dispenses pallets on request from a magazine stack to the downstream Loading Station which has a capacity for twelve (12) pallets
  6. Automatic Slip Sheet Dispenser; Automatically dispenses a Slip Sheet onto a pallet
  7. Loading Station Conveyor; Automatically presents empty pallets from the Pallet Dispenser to the Robot Palletiser and conveys the filled pallets to the Filled Pallet Accumulation Conveyor
  8. Filled Pallet Accumulation Conveyor; Designed to accumulate two (2) pallets
  9. Safety Fencing & Hardware; Encloses the palletising area designed and supplied to Australian Standards
  10. Control System: Designed and manufactured by Accuweigh
  11. System Installation, Commissioning & Operator Training: Accuweigh will undertake all these tasks at a time to suit the client.

Norco Agribusiness markets a range of quality animal feed products under the Goldmix Stockfeeds, Crest Seeds, Goldmix Seed & Grain First for Quality and Meat-e-Vite brand names. The Lismore (Northern NSW) site manufactures and delivers a range of pelleted and mash feeds for all animal types including laboratory animals. Bagged product is distributed through the Norco Rural network of stores as well as other resellers.

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