Super-Compact Brushless AC Servo Motors Give New Performance Options

[Baldor]() is introducing a range of ultra-compact brushless AC servo motors offering machine builders a high performance and low-maintenance alternative to stepper motors and DC servos. Capable of delivering peak torques of up to 3.8 Nm, combined with other interesting dynamic performance attributes of servo motors such as fast acceleration, the new motors are packaged in small 40 and 60 mm square bodies.

Designated the BSM R-series, the new motors are expected to appeal to automation equipment builders seeking to improve the productivity of machinery in applications such as packaging and labelling, materials handling, semiconductor manufacturing, winding and printing. Special construction features employed in the motors mean that their action is virtually ‘cog free’, providing very smooth motion at slow speeds. This also makes the motors suitable for precision motion that might be required in applications such as medical equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, and instrumentation.

BSM R-series users can choose from either 40 or 60 mm square frame sizes, and with a further choice of one or two winding stacks. This provides developers with a selection of continuous stall torque ratings spanning 0.16 to 1.27 Nm, and peak torques from 0.48 to 3.8 Nm. The smallest one-stack motor measures 40 mm square by 59 mm long, and weighs just 0.4 kg. Power and feedback connections to the motors are made by long flying leads.

Users can optionally specify motors with a resolver or 2000 PPR encoder fitted for positional feedback. A further useful option is the addition of a 24 VDC brake. Baldor offers a comprehensive
range of drives and motion controllers to support the new motors. The new motors complement Baldor’s existing broad range of brushless AC servo motors, the BSM N and C series, which provide torque ratings from 0.45 to 40 Nm.

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