Surface Area and Porosimetry System – The New Tristar II 3020

Particle and Surface Sciences are pleased to announce the release of the new TriStar II 3020 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer by Micromeritics, U.S.A. The Tristar 3020 is a fully automated, three-station analyzer that can measure surface areas as low as 0.01 m2/g using nitrogen and features a new krypton option that can measure surface areas down to 0.001 m2/g. A dedicated Po port is standard, allowing the user to measure the saturation pressure on a continuous basis.

The TriStar II can collect up to 1000 data points. Minute details of the isotherm can be observed and recorded providing high resolution and revealing pore structure details. A 2.75-liter Dewar and extended length sample tubes allow complete adsorption and desorption isotherms to be collected without operator intervention. Enhanced product support features include: video clips, Ethernet communication between the computer and TriStar II, bar code reader capability, built-in electronic test points and diagnostic software, ability to perform remote diagnostics via the internet, and the ability to read and compare historical TriStar and Gemini data to TriStar II data.

Particle & Surface Sciences also offer a wide-ranging programme of support solutions, including installation and service of all instruments by factory trained technicians, an Analytical Laboratory and a Sales Department to assist with your enquiries. PsS will be running a series of seminars across Australia during the year. Please visit the PsS website for more information on the locations.

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