Surface Area, Gas Adsorption & Porosity Latest Developments

Surface area and porosity are important physical properties that influence the quality and utility of many materials and products. Therefore it is critically important that these characteristics be accurately determined and controlled. Likewise, knowledge of surface area and especially porosity often is an important key to understanding the formation, structure, and potential application of many natural materials.

The Particle and Surface Sciences & Micromeritics Tristar 3030 system is a fully automated, three-station surface area and porosity analyser designed for quality control and research organisations. The instrument can collect up to 1,000 data points and fine details of the isotherm can be observed and recorded providing high resolution and revealing pore structure details. The 3030 contains all the capabilities of previous Tristar models with a new dewar design and proven isothermal jacket technology, ensuring extended hours of continuous temperature control.

A unique stainless steel manifold is corrosive resistant and designed for highly-accurate gas management. A dedicated saturation pressure (Po) port is standard, allowing the measurement of saturation pressure on a continuous basis. The three analysis ports operate simultaneously and independently of one another. The instrument also features a krypton option, allowing precise measurements in the very low surface area range.

By simply moving the calculation bars, the user is immediately updated with new textural properties. User selectable data ranges through the graphic interface allow direct modeling for BET, t-Plot, Langmuir, DFT interpretation, and much more.

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