SWR Appoint Bulkquip as NSW Distributor

SWR Engineering Messtechnik Pty Ltd and Control Information Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that they have appointed Bulkquip Pty Ltd as their NSW and ACT distributor.

Graham Boyd, of Bulkquip, has many years of experience in the bulk materials handling industries. Bulkquip also has a close relationship with Bulk Fly Ash, a company that has many years of experience with fly ash handling projects. The SWR and Control Information activities has a synergy with Bulkquip’s other relationships, e.g. WAM, a company well known worldwide for their activities in the bulk materials handling industries.

SWR’s products include mass flow measurement of solids without the need for conventional load cell systems and is based on microwave and electromagnetic principles, material flow detection, level detection, moisture measurement and dust detection systems.

Control Information’s products include RF capacitive level switches, RF capacitive level transmitters, tuning fork level switches, plumb bob measuring systems, ultra sonic measuring systems and solids in liquids measuring systems.

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