Test Sieves 450mm Size

Test Sieves for particle size analysis, with stainless steel frames, woven wire mesh or perforated plate are supplied as part of the Particle & Surface Sciences Pty. Limited, product range of particle size analysis equipment. 450mm perforated plate sieves have plated steel frames. From 100mm to 400mm & 8 inch & 12 inch diameter, frames are all manufactured from stainless steel.

PsS supply this quality product to the civil engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries. The test sieves are specifically designed and tested to work with concrete, aggregates, soil, bitumen, cement, mortar – in fact most of the materials that will be used in any construction project.

Each precision sieve has seamless frames and is individually welded to eliminate the wire cloth detaching itself from the pan. Using an optical measurement technique each sieve is subjected to a strict quality control procedure, the diameter of wire and strength of metal frames are all checked. All PsS sieves are guaranteed to meet the applicable standard. The sieves are certified to International Standards BS410, ISO 3310/0 and NAMAS 0419.

All PsS Test Sieves have a serial number that enables us to identify when they are manufactured and the materials used. The use of serial numbers provides traceability for quality assurance systems. Included with each sieve is a Certificate of Conformity to the applicable specification, which bears the serial number.

The PsS Test Sieve Product Range includes Grain Sieves, Half Height Sieves and Wet Washing Sieves. Standard test sieves are available in frame diameters from 100mm to 450mm for European specifications and 8 and 12 inch for American specifications. Lids, receivers & receiver/separators are available for all sieve sizes.

Here at PsS, we carry a large stockholding to enable us to supply sieves and other products to your requirements. Visit our website www.pss.aus.net for a downloadable brochure.

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